Crafting a Five-Star Business with Solid Systems

team of people working on project.

Have you ever had a burger without condiments? 

It’s just not that good. 

That’s the beauty of the secret sauce. 

It takes a burger from a 6 to a 9.

The simple system of spreading this sauce on the burger before serving creates an added flavor that makes the burger delicious.

Developing systems is the secret sauce to scaling a business.

You can’t expect to wow people without your secret sauce. This requires a company to know its core values and what kind of secret sauce stays true to its vision and standards. People must know your standards so that they can create easy-to-use systems to meet those standards. 

Last year I worked with a software company to streamline their customer onboarding experience. They tried buying three different kinds of software, but nothing seemed to work.

Tom was super smart, but he didn’t notice what he couldn’t see. Of course. How could he?

He wanted these software solutions to work. The problem was, he didn’t try to find solutions that worked for his company’s personality. He tried the mold his company to fit the software’s needs. This created more friction in his business, reducing efficiency and creating poor results. 

Small Adjustments 

So we looked at his current process and tried to see if he already had software that would work. He did! We used software that he already used and adjusted it to track the new leads coming in and as well as customer retention.

He didn’t have to change how he currently worked. He just needed to implement processes that would be easy to use for him and his employees.

With systems in place, businesses ensure consistency in their operations. Imagine baking your favorite cookies without a recipe; outcomes might vary wildly! Systems ensure each “batch” of work meets quality standards, essential as you expand.


Systems streamline processes, cutting through the clutter like a hot knife through mayo. This means tasks are completed faster and with fewer resources, saving time and money. As the business grows, this efficiency becomes your best friend, helping you do more with less.

Think of systems as building blocks. With solid blocks in place, scaling up is like adding more blocks to an already sturdy foundation. Without systems, it’s like stacking cards on a wobbly table. Systems ensure your business can grow without collapsing under its own weight.

When everyone knows what they’re doing (thanks to well-documented SOPs), it empowers your team. It’s like having a map during a treasure hunt; everyone can navigate their tasks confidently, leading to better performance and job satisfaction.


As businesses grow, leadership roles often evolve and change hands. Systems and SOPs act like a playbook, ensuring the next person can pick up the baton and sprint without tripping. This continuity is vital for sustained growth.

With the mundane tasks efficiently managed, your team can focus on innovation. Systems free up mental space and resources, allowing businesses to pivot, adapt, and innovate, staying ahead in the ever-changing market landscape.


In essence, developing systems turn the chaotic noise of business operations into a harmonious five-star restaurant, enabling small businesses to scale gracefully into their big-business shoes. Think of it as creating a well-oiled machine that grows more refined and powerful with each new piece added.

With systems, you have your business’s rulebook, if you will. If you want to implement a system, what standards should everyone abide by?

Every hero needs a code, and every business needs standards. What are your current SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)? Are they more like “Suggested” than “Standard”? It’s time to document and polish those guidelines until they shine like your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant! This is your playbook, ensuring everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet – or, at least, dancing to the same beat.

This is the 3rd article that explains the VOSI Method. You can read the first article focused on the first step here (Vision). You can read the 2nd article (Opportunity) here. The 4th article (Iterate) will be coming soon.

If you want to get started on utilizing the VOSI Method in your business, then start by becoming friction-free so you can focus on what moves the needle for your company. When you sign up for updates, you’ll get the roadmap guide to help you lay out a timeline for doing the most important projects that drive the most value for your customers.

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